The British playhouse nursery follows the British curriculum for The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

This covers six areas of development:

1.Personal , social and emotional development :
Attending pre-school enlarges your child's world they form bonds with others adults and learn to play, interact and share with other children. Activities are designed to build your child's confidence and self esteem, an essential foundation for future learning.

2.Language and literacy :
Your child's language skills will be developed through many varied activities such as following instructions when completing art projects: daily circle time, providing an opportunity for listening and responding to the teacher's stories and songs through role play with their peers and by borrowing books from school library.
We use the Jolly Phonics multisensory scheme – for teaching phonics and the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme

Arabic: Arabic language is taught to children aged three plus twice a week. This includes greetings, colours, shapes and simple vocabulary and songs.

3.Problem Solving , Reasoning and Numeracy:
Mathematical understanding is introduced through practical activities such as stories, songs and games and through counting, sorting and matching. Number and value recognition are taught well as shapes and measurement and simple mathematical language.

4.Knowledge and understanding of the world

Children learn how the world around them works through direct experience. We encourage the children to explore, observe and ask questions and make choices during play and organized theme based activities. Educational computer games and outings help reinforce their experience.

5.Physical development :
Being active is a normal part of a young child's world. A variety of physical games help your child's develop coordination, control and manipulation and help build their self confidence.

6.Creative development:
Creativity is developed through art and craft activities, daily music sessions through dance and role play.

Each child receives an end of term report and a portfolio as a lasting reminder of their pre-school experience and special occasions. This includes precious artwork and photographs taken of different activities during school year.